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Surviving is the Easy Part

if you are prepared.

Drought Survival Tips: How to Survive Drought

  • Drought Survival Tips: How to Survive Drought

    A drought is a period of low rainfall in a certain area, resulting in extended water supply shortages.As a prepper and survivalist, knowing how to survive a drought is essential.When insufficient rainfall and water levels drop, drought will likely strike.Droughts can increase the possibility of other natural disasters. It is a water shortage caused by dry spells but what is more interesting is it can happen anywhere. The best solution relies on planning, preparation, and preservation.Water is essential in our daily lives as well as our survival. So, it is best to avoid drought by conserving this renewable yet limited resource.

    • Be mindful of the weather patterns.

    • Use water wisely.

    By doing this, you’re not only helping yourself survive; you are helping others as well.

    How to Survive Drought

    • Develop a strategy to use when a drought occurs.
    • Read an almanac that predicts future conditions by tracking rainfall from past seasons.
    • Check out the current and possible future conditions. You may check it on NOAA’s US Seasonal Drought Outlook website.
    • Measure the rainfall during the year. And determine a course of action for the likelihood of drought conditions.